Vehicles on campus will be ticketed for no parking pass

Everyone at Lindenwood is required to have a parking pass in order to park on campus. Passes are free and registration is available through StarRez.
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LINDSEY FIALA | Online Editor

Lindenwood Public Safety and Security is beginning to crack down on cars parked on campus without parking passes.  

According to Director of Public Safety and Security John Bowman Jr., security officers have only been giving out warning tickets for vehicles without passes since the first week of classes to allow students, faculty and staff enough time to register their vehicles. 

Approximately 428 warnings have been issued since the beginning of the semester. If a vehicle is found without an updated parking pass, a ticket for $25 will be issued and added to the driver’s account.  

There are currently 3,751 vehicles registered for parking passes. This number includes residents, commuters, faculty and staff. 

According to Lindenwood’s website, there were 4,246 undergraduate students on the St. Charles campus in fall 2017.  

Bowman Jr. said having parking passes is important for Lindenwood’s security. 

“We need them to track the number for resident, commuter and staff members who have vehicles on campus,” Bowman Jr. said.  

Other tickets have been issued for parking violations including parking in a fire lane, residents parking in the commuter parking lot, students parking in adjunct spots and vehicles parked in non-parking spots. The amount fined ranges from $25 to $100. 

The Roemer Hall lot, the Memorial Arts building lot and select spaces at Harmon Hall are spaces designated for commuter parking only between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Adjunct and faculty parking spots can be found in several parking lots around campus and are marked.  

A full list of parking regulations can be found on Lindenwood’s security page.  

To register a vehicle and receive a parking pass, fill out the form on StarRez and take the completed form to Public Safety and Security, located on the fourth floor of Spellmann. Registration and passes are free.  

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