Tatted: Savanah Kaatman, ink is a confidence booster

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KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

Savanah Kaatman comes from a family with a long history of tattoos, even her grandpa has sleeves. Once Kaatman turned 18, she got her first tattoo and never turned back.

For Kaatman, getting ink functions as a confidence booster when she meets new people. She said their first impression of her is more accurate when they see her tattoos.

Her most recent tattoo symbolizes women empowerment and creative freedom, but all of her tattoos have meaning.

The same artist has worked on three of her four tattoos. For each of Kaatman’s tattoos, she has collaborated with her tattoo artist, giving him creative freedom instead of just being a trace artist.

Listen to Kaatman in all her “tatted glory,” as she calls it.

Savanah Kaatman's most recent tattoo was a tribute to feminism, not the anti-men type, but the equal rights for both sexes kind. The tattoo also reminds her to not conform and express her creativity.
Photo by Kayla Drake
"I will follow" is the mother and daughter tattoo Kaatman got with her mother. Her mom's matching tattoo reads "Where I lead." Kaatman, a senior, got the idea from Gilmore Girls because when she first left for college her mom watched the show to remind herself of their relationship.
Photo by Kayla Drake
Kaatman (above) is currently working with her tattoo artist at Enigma Tattoos and Body Piercing shop for a Great Gatsby themed tattoo because she rereads the book every summer. 
Photo used with permission from Savanah Kaatman

Tatted is a weekly podcast that comes out every Thursday, featuring Lindenwood students’ ink.

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