Tatted: Reptile Love

This is Tatted, a podcast telling the stories behind people's ink.
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KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

Junior Emily Hilbolt is a biochemistry student and based her favorite tattoo on alchemy, the medieval predecessor to chemistry she said. It is a “ouroboros,” a snake eating its tail, forming a circle. The symbol was common in alchemy, either as a snake or dragon, and was adopted from ancient Egyptian drawings. 

To Hilbolt, the ouroboros symbolizes life, death and new beginnings. 

Hilbolt said she had the idea of an "ouroboros" for a year, but what finally pushed her to getting the tattoo was actually getting a paycheck. Hilbolt said that day she went with her boyfriend to get the tattoo.
Photo by Kayla Drake
Hilbolt said she is an "animal lover" and is especially fond of reptiles. 
Photo by Kayla Drake
This tattoo was chosen at random - from a sheet of designs. Tattoo shops are notorious for hosting flash tattoo days, where customers can choose from a choice of pre-drawn designs. The tattoos are also usually cheaper because the shop already designed and prepared for the art. This is commonly on Friday the 13th and is referred to a "tattoo holiday."
Photo by Kayla Drake
Again this tattoo was more spur of the moment and chosen from a sheet of designs, Hilbolt said. The one above is a moon, lightning and clouds and she said it reminds her of her love for nature.
Photo by Kayla Drake
Hilbolt is also a chemistry tutor in Young Hall and a member of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma.
Photo by Kayla Drake
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