Tatted: An insurance salesman, balancing business and ink

This is Tatted, a podcast telling the stories behind people's ink.
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Ed Akers owns the Farmers Insurance in St. Charle’s Frenchtown. He loves New Orleans and music, so a majority of his tattoos tie back to that.

Tune in to hear Ed talk about balancing business and ink. And listen right until the end, because the best tattoo story – which starts off with a blind date – is saved for last.

Akers combined his love of pizza and St. Louis by creating a slice of Imo's and various toppings into the STL flag.
Photo by Kayla Drake
When Aker's grandpa was 87-years-old, he got a matching tattoo with him. His grandpa already had the tattoo from his sailor days in the Vietnam war. Akers decided to add color and a sunset, but the design is from the exact same flash sheet.
Akers went to college in New Orleans - and as a tribute, he got the city's signature drink: the hand grenade.
A majority of Aker's tattoos have a tie back to music. This particular tattoo is a tribute to the song "Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail," by A Day To Remember for the life lesson it has taught him.
Aker's owns the Farmers Insurance in Frenchtown, St. Charles.
This episode was recorded right before Mardi Gras - so in classic New Orleans (and Frenchtown) style, Akers decorated the front of his business.

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