2019 Lindy Award nominees announced

The annual Lindy Awards celebrate student produced media. Graphic by Lindenwood School of Communications


The annual Lindy Awards are back to reward student-produced media. The Lindenwood School of Arts, Media, and Communications hosts the award ceremony every year. Any students enrolled at Lindenwood in the past 12 months are eligible to submit and receive an award.

There are 41 different award categories, including four that are open to local high school students. An award for Alumnus of the year will be issued as well.

The ceremony will be held in the Lindenwood Theater on Thursday, April 18, at 7 p.m.

Short: Best Fiction Short

  • Jackson Olson, Then and Now
  • Christopher Brueggeman, Samantha Gunn
  • Christopher Brueggeman, Strangers in the Night
  • Truman Wheeler, Left Behind on Earth
  • Valerie Royer, Burn it Down

Short: Best Documentary Short

  • Anastasia Lafser, 12622
  • Truman Wheeler, Lindenwood Women’s Hockey Prom
  • Daniel Rothermich, Interview with Whiney Gable
  • Kayla Drake, Lion Line Dancer

Short: Best Editing

  • Valerie Royer, Burn It Down
  • Jackson Olson, Then and Now
  • Marina Nichols, Broken Candy

Short: Best Sound Design

  • Logan Allison, Broken Candy
  • Jackson Olson, Then and Now
  • Christopher Brueggeman, Samantha Gunn

Short: Best Cinematography

  • Mitchell Kraus, Evasion
  • Mitchell Kraus, Burn it Down
  • Anastasia Lafser, 12622

Short: Best Directing

  • Valerie Royer, Burn it Down
  • Truman Wheeler, LU Hockey Spot
  • Anastasia Lafser, 12622

Short: Best Actor

  • Matt Hansen, Burn it Down
  • Cody Ramsey, Then and Now
  • Logan Willmore, Then and Now

Short: Best Actress

  • Anna Schultz, Broken Candy
  • Erin Morris, Then and Now

Full Program: Best Talk/Interview Program

  • Behind the Curtains, Anastasia Lafser, Producer
  • On the Inside: Clydesdale Trainer, Christopher Brueggeman, Producer

Full Program: Best Studio Direction

  • Anastasia Lafser,  Behind the Curtains with Kate Harpootlian
  • Anastasia Lafser,  Behind the Curtains with Tricia Zweier

LUTV News: Best Field Reporting/Package

  • Megan Courtney, Yadi’s Yummies
  • Megan Courtney, Mosaic Art Festival

LUTV News: Best Studio Talent

  • Megan Courtney, Demo Reel

Sports Telecast: Best Talent

  • Tom Hartbeck: LUTV Hockey vs. Robert Morris­­

Writing: Best Commercial/PSA Script

  • Matt Hampton, One World, Many Colors Crayola

Writing: Best Dramatic Script

  • Daniel Rothermich, Four Day Delay
  • Truman Wheeler, The Final Hour of Roger Lawrence
  • Truman Wheeler, Arrow Rock
  • Anastasia Lafser, A Good Apple

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Article

  • Jack Leech, Football Falls to Washburn in Season Opener
  • Matt Hampton, Lindenwood: Then and Now: Men First Shook Up Campus 50 Years Ago
  • Matt Hampton, Lindenwood: Then and Now: Who is Buried in Sibley Cemetery
  • Matt Hampton, Two Presidents Leaving LU System Within 3 Weeks Sparks Questions
  • Megan Courtney, Dating Violence: College Students Aren’t Immune

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Enterprise Article

  • Megan Courtney, Academic Cheating in College: It’s Easier Thanks to Technology
  • Kayla Drake, Local Mom and Pop Shop is Revived

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Opinion Article

  • Megan Courtney, Commuter student amenities need more improvement

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Photograph

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Multimedia News Presentation

  • Matt Hampton, Lindenwood: Then and Now: Ghosts of Buildings Past

Interactive: Best Branding

  • Regina Huesca, Zara Branding Case Study 2
  • Kamila Kunka, Student Research Conference Logo

Interactive: Best Digital Photograph

  • Anastasia Lafser, Empowered
  • Mitchell Kraus, Guest Dance Choreographers
  • Anastasia Lafser, The Queen
  • Anastasia Lafser, The Wait
  • Anastasia Lafser, Miracle

Interactive: Best Digital Art Created

  • Regina Huesca, Kids Paddling
  • Valerie Royer, 20 Second Autobiography
  • Regina Huesca, Lanterns
  • Kat Owens, Beer Glass
  • Kamila Kunka, Frida

Interactive: Best Printed Art Created

  • Kat Owens, Intoxicating Color
  • Kamila Kunka, Sand Volleyball Collage

High school: Best Digital Design – anything created with digital software

  • Joseph Bowman/St. Charles West, SCW Basketball Shuffle
  • Hope Daugherty/Affton High School, Chromebooks

Advertising Collateral: stationary (letterhead, envelope, business card), brochure, and special events materials (invitations, announcement, cards).

  • Jordan Lea, Wayside Waifs Brochure

Advertising Digital: websites, social media, apps, web banner (static or animated), blogs, digital publications.

  • Anastasia Lafser, Art Vision Photography—www.artvisionphotography.com

Advertising Traditional Media: magazines (front/back cover and interior), books (front/back cover), newspapers, radio, and television.

  •  Regina Huesca, Join Life Zara Branding 2
  •  Regina Huesca, Join Life Zara Branding 1

Advertising Out-of-Home: billboard, poster, and mass transit (bus/bus shelter, subway, taxi).

  • Kaytlin May, Blindspot Billboard Group Work
  • Kaytlin May, Addiction Billboard Group Work

Advertising Elements of Advertising: copywriting, logo design, illustration, photography, art direction.

  • Kaytlin May, Fame Logo 1
  • Regina Huesca, Do Something.com Brochure
  • Kamila Kunka, The Introvert Poster

Advertising Integrated Campaigns: campaign that utilizes more than one medium.

  • Casey Link, Crayola Campaign

Public Relations:  Press Release

  • Casey Link, Crooked Tree Coffee House
  • Casey Link, Melissa Doss St. Peters Police

Radio Sports Segment (Half-times and intermissions)

  • Jacob Himmelmann, NHL All-Star Weekend

Graduate: Best Video

  • Christopher Brueggeman, The Holey Pokey
  • Anastasia Lafser, 12622

Writing: Best PSA/Commercial Script

  • Matt Hampton, “One World, Many Colors”

Writing: Best Dramatic Script

  • Daniel Rothermich, Four Day Delay
  • Truman Wheeler, The Final Hour of Roger Lawrence
  • Truman Wheeler, Arrow Rock
  • Anastasia Lafser, A Good Apple

High School: Best Direction

  • Grant Boehne, Francis Howell Central, Static
  • Josh Brown, Affton High, Cougar News
  • Josh Brown, Affton High, TV Production
  • Hope Daughtery, Affton High, International Club
  • Kobi Nolan, Austin Crudup, Mikayla Salas, Francis Howell Central, Bounce Back Steppers

High School: Best Short Non-Fiction

  • Josh Brown, Affton High, News Story
  • Josh Brown, Affton High, Student Walkouts

High School: Best Short Fiction

  • Anthony Gabrian, Affton High, Frantic
  • Kobi Nolan and Josiah Swafford, Francis Howell Central, Bro House

High School: Best Animation

  • Haley Heitzman, Francis Howell Central, 129
  • Ashley Chilcoat, Francis Howell Central, Magic Dance
  • Audrey Blevins, Francis Howell Central, When the Humans Aren’t Home
  • Dylan Hotchkiss, Francis Howell Central, Apart

Alumnus of the Year: Arts, Media, Communications – Guy Favazza, 1991 Graduate of Lindenwood

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article stated the incorrect location for the Lindy Awards. We apologize for the error, and this has been corrected.

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