Tatted: Reimagining ink, getting art redone

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Nathan Boxdorfer got a cross for his first tattoo. But it wasn’t until a year later he realized it didn’t mean anything to him. Once he went to college, he started questioning if God existed. Then he met a friend and started voicing his doubts out loud. After processing through Christianity, Boxdorfer decided to chose to follow Jesus again.

Now six years later, he redid his tattoo. It suits him more now – with a landscape that shows his love for the outdoors and conservation, which he has made into a living, working at Forest Park.

The tattoo also now includes a Bible verse from Psalm 42, “why are you downcast oh my soul?” Boxdorfer said he connects with the emotion because in college he realized he had depression.

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Originally, Boxdorfer just had the wood cross, but after awhile (and after his sisters made fun of the fact it looked like a celery stick when he wore t-shirts) he wanted to add more to the tattoo. A lover of the outdoors and sustainability, naturally he chose a landscape. The Bible verse, from Psalm 42, speaks to his depression - it asks "why are you downcast, oh my soul?"
For his second tattoo, Boxdorfer chose "for your steadfast love endures" in Hebrew. When he walked into the tattoo shop the artist wanted to Google Translate the saying, but Boxdorfer said no and brought in a sheet of paper with the saying. He said he had it checked multiple times by Hebrew scholars at seminary to make sure it was right.
Nathan Boxdorfer currently works at Forest Park, doing conservation work. 

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