For the love of Lindenwood

For the love of Lindenwood

Lauren Weller | Lindenlink Contributor

At 3 a.m. October 30, Liz Koss and six friends visiting from Chicago walked from an off-campus Halloween party with Cory Buehler. He offered them to come and warm up in the Matthews dorm lobby, where he lived.  They were caught and sent off-campus by security.

Liz Koss, a sophomore, knew it was after visitation hours. And when the security guard spotted them, he immediately came in asking for IDs, and Koss explained the situation.

Brian, the security guard, asked where Koss lived and if the girls were approved to sleep over. Koss said she lives in New Ayres and would go straight there, but Koss did not know they had to be approved to sleep over.

Koss says, “If I would have known, then I could have easily thrown in that extra sentence in my email to Michelle Giessman when I asked for permission for them to visit.”

When they arrived to New Ayres, the Resident Director had been called and was waiting in the lounge. The security guard was there to tell Koss he would call Saint Charles Police if there were any problems with the girls leaving. With nowhere else to go early in the morning, Katie Bublitz offered to drive them to her apartment at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, which was 40 minutes away.

Bublitz says, “I was just shocked by the outcome. Why couldn’t the matter have been dealt with the next morning?”

Director of Public Safety and Security Kurt Smith says, “As everyone knows, Lindenwood’s visiting policies are strict on the rules for everyone’s safety,” when asked about this specific incident with all the unfortunate circumstances

Smith says, “It’s one of those things where if we let one student get by, other people find out and expect the same. The problem there is when students are actually trying to get in trouble, we cannot be lenient. It’s a shame with cases like Liz’s, they were not intentionally getting in trouble and they were compliant.”

Liz says, “I understand they have to enforce the rules so that things don’t get out of hand. I just thought it was scary to be kicked out of somewhere you’re supposed to consider your home for the majority of the year.” Brian, the security guard that first responded to the incident, was unreachable due to his working hours falling on Saturdays alone.