Lindenwood Student Musicians

Lindenwood Student Musicians

Deborah Star | Lindenlink Contributor

Music can be used in many different ways. One such way is in the ministry. Many students at LU desire to use their musical abilities to impact the world.

“I want my music to inspire inspiration,” said sophomore Taylor Wissmann.

Wissmann began playing the drums when he was in fourth grade, but it was not until his freshman year in high school that he picked up a guitar or realized that he could sing. As a Christian Ministry Studies major he wants to one day become a worship leader at a church. From there he hopes to record worship albums.

He has been to Nashville, the music capitol of the country, several times over the past few years. After graduation he plans to move there in order to pursue music even harder.

“During my trips to Nashville, I’ve made contacts with industry professionals,” Wissmann said. “They’re helping me with artist development. When you know the right people, they can refer you.”

During the school year, he finds it hard to find time to write music, but he sings regularly in concert choir.

“During the summer and winter breaks I try to spend at least an hour a day on writing,” he said. “Once a month I get a solid song in about five minutes.”

 Senior Matt Swaringim, a corporate communications major, also believes that music can have a huge influence on peoples’ lives. Unlike Wissmann, Swaringim knows what it means to be on the other side of the line of work.

“I pursued it really hard when I was young,” Swaringim said. “I toured, recorded, and released an album in 2010. Instead of trying to make it, I started to give my music away. My role is not to make a profit, but to be an encouragement.”

Wismann and Swaringim both hope to lead worship one day. Swaringim’s aspiration in life is to lead a church in a worship setting.

“From time to time I still get asked to perform, but my passion is leading worship and I’m content with that,” he said. “When I was younger I had dreams of recording in a big studio and playing with big bands. After doing all of that I realized I’m just more passionate about the gift of music rather than the gain of fame.”

Swaringim was also young when he realized he was blessed with musical abilities. “It’s totally a gift,” he said. He was 15 when he started playing instruments, and wrote his first song at the same age. Growing up, no one really thought that he could make it in the music industry.

“I know for a fact that I will always play music, but I don’t know exactly what that will look like,” Swaringim said.

Ashley Niehaus, a sophomore majoring in Christian Ministry Studies, has been singing since as early as she can remember.

She knew when she was six years old that one day she would be a musician. Picking up her first guitar at 16, she has been writing songs ever since.

“For my future I want to do mission work and incorporate music,” Niehaus said. “Music brings people together.”

Although she does not do any singing for LU, she takes private voice lessons and writes songs whenever she can. Her songs tend to come from life experiences.

“Sometimes it takes me a year or two to write a song,” she said. “Sometimes it takes one class period.”

Although she is not certain exactly what she will be doing after graduation, she said, “I see my music being a big part of my future.”