Passion for cars drives student’s YouTube channel

Landan Jaeger's Youtube channel currently has 168 subscribers and nearly 50 videos reviewing different cars. <br> Photo by Landan Jaeger

March 2, 2018
Filed under Culture Video from Landan Jaeger's YouTube channel, SLJracing.  TYLER KEOHANE | Reporter From compacts like the Chevy Spark to the exotic Alfa Romeo, Lindenwood sophomore Landan Jaeger wants to inform people about the pluses and minuses of makes and models of car...

Freshman Council aims to spread positivity with #LindenLove

This positivity wall in the LARC is one of many ways the Freshmen Council is trying to spread #Lindenlove on campus. <br> Photo by Tyler Keohane

February 25, 2018
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TYLER KEOHANE | Reporter  The Freshman Council seeks to spread love and positivity to the faculty, staff and students of Lindenwood. The council consists of freshman students working together to be involved and to be more of a voice at Lindenwood and is led by students that were nominate...

Diversity Week: comedian, sushi, henna tattoos

The atrium in Lindenwood's Evans Commons is lined with flags from around the world. There is a flag for each country represented in the university's student body.
<br> Photo by Romane Donadini </br>

February 10, 2018
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TYLER KEOHANE | Reporter  The second annual Diversity Week kicks off Monday, and students will be able to try activities -- from writing Chinese calligraphy to sampling sushi --  which highlight some of the different cultures at Lindenwood. “The amount of different cultures you get to...

What’s coming to and leaving Netflix this month

Here is the full list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix this month.
<br>Photo from

September 3, 2018
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TYLER KEOHANE | Reporter As students funnel back into their dorms in anticipation for an exciting school year, a lot of downtime will be spent streaming shows or movies on Netflix. This month, Netflix will be releasing big titles like Marvel’s “Black Panther,” featuring Chadwick Boseman...