Alpha Lambda Delta offers strategies for study and scholarship


Alpha Lambda Delta: Strategies for Study and Scholarship | Photo by Mai Urai

Study and Scholarship
Photo by Mai Urai
The Alpha Lambda Delta discussion panel prep for their Study and Scholarship event.

Faith Schallert | Staff Reporter
Published February 18, 2015; 7:55 p.m.

To start off the afternoon events Alpha Lambda Delta hosts a study strategies panel.

“This event is to talk with students who are struggling with school to get strategies,” said Monica Leblanc member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Honor Society.

Leblanc’s favorite method is memorization.

“Ill print off powerpoint slides, highlight, cutout, and memorize the whole powerpoint,” said Leblanc.

On the other hand, Kendra Smith, reads the textbook and the questions in the back, and memorize definitions she thinks she will forget.

Maria Viso writes notes, so that she will understand the material better. She then compares her notes to the book.

All three students on the panel are international students.