Medical mysteries explored


Healthcare Career Club: Medical Mystery | Photo by Viki Muench

Viki Muench
Photo by Viki Muench
Milton Kosfeld gives a sample medical case for students to diagnose.

Viki Muench | Staff Reporter
Published February 18, 2015; 8 p.m.

Students interested in seeing a live diagnosis of patients had the chance to go to the Healthcare Career Club Medical Mystery today. Biology Professor Milton Kosfeld led the event, during which students simulated patients with different kinds of symptoms and diseases.

Students were able to witness the process of how doctors find the cause for these symptoms and what methods are being used to get the most plausible results. A total of four artificial case studies were being presented where students of the Healthcare Career Club were discussing possible diagnoses and how these symptoms can be treated.

The first patient was pale and said she felt nauseous and weak and experienced sickness in the morning.

“The first question to ask is how long the patient has been experiencing these symptoms, so we can exclude some potential causes,” said Kosfeld. “Another important question to ask is if or what kinds of medications the patient has been taking. Checking the heart beat and blood pressure are also important procedures to see where the pain is coming from.”

The students came to the conclusion that one patient was pregnant and another had iron deficiency anemia. Throughout the examination, Kosfeld compared pictures of X-rays or blood cells under the microscope of healthy and unhealthy patients to explain the different symptoms.

Many students were interested in these mock examinations and the participation and interest was very high.