Tri Sigma welcomes 24 new members

Michael Sprague| Legacy Staff Reporter

The Lindenwood University chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma welcomed 24 new members on Saturday, Sept. 12. It was their first official recruitment as an official chapter of the sorority.

The 2011 spring semester saw LU looking to expand its Greek life. “The president expressed interest in expansion of all aspects of student life because of how fast the university was growing,” said Giang Mullins, director of student life. “One area we saw that needed growth was Greek life.”

LU reached out to a handful of sororities and fraternities. Once they were selected, each was asked to give a presentation to LU. “Tri Sigma came in and gave a presentation on campus and won the hearts of the administration,” said LU’s Tri Sigma president, Erin Verble.

Once LU was selected as a pre-visionary member, women from the Tri Sigma National Organization recruited members. Verble was one of those recruits. They made up what was known as a “colony.”

The colony went through weeks of new member education, learning history and other rituals important to the sorority.
“They taught us a lot about Tri Sigma,” Verble said. “We went through what the new members are going to go through.”

Emilie Johnson has been the faculty sponsor of Tri Sigma ever since she was approached by Verble in the beginning phases. “It’s been really exciting and inspiring watching these young women take on leadership roles,” Johnson said.

With a doubled chapter size following this recruitment, Johnson is excited for the future. “They have been so busy with on campus events and charity work. The new members will be able to jump right in and take on leadership roles,” Johnson said.

With events like a masquerade ball and charity work with “Sigma serves children,” Verble is happy to have added support, saying, “We are very excited to accept the new members into our sorority and start them on their new member education process.”

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