No visitation rules in housing proves problematic

Seannell Chambers | Contributing writer 

Like always, students have to complain about something. Whether it’s the cafe food, strict professors or parking, we as students always find the negative in the good. But when it comes to visitation in housing, I would have to agree with the majority – it is ridiculous.

When moving into a house, one would think, “Ahh, I have a house to myself,” – literally speaking. The strict “No Visitation” rule in housing is outrageous. One would think that once obtaining a house, he or she would be able to do pretty much as he or she pleased (with some restrictions, of course), but not being able to have the opposite sex inside the home is insane.

Believe me, I know what Lindenwood is concerned about in keeping us safe from harm by not allowing random people in our homes without them knowing because those people may be psychotic or even worse – and believe me, I am grateful for them to care so much ‑ but at the same time I believe the campus officials should have at least a bit of faith in us to understand we are all adults. Now with that being said, being “mature” adults is the question at hand and that is probably the main reason why the campus is so strict about having visitation in housing.

I hope the campus officials know that with having so many restrictions, it only makes people want to break the rules even more. This results in a lot of sly and conniving acts.

I am well aware of the fact that we can have our friends and family come over to our homes, but having them to come over just to stand outside my door is absurd. Especially during the cold, winter months. All there is to ask for, is for a bit of hope and faith that the campus officials will understand and approve visitation for housing residents.