APCC to host culinary event

Emily Adair | Lindenlink Contributor

The LSGA organization representatives voted at the General Assembly meeting on Feb. 6 to provide funds to the Asian Pop Culture Club (APCC). According to the organization’s president, Ashley Watson, the money will go toward preparations for the APCC’s Sibley Day event.

With a 41-8 vote, APCC was granted Watson’s requested $954.28. The new funds will be used to put on a unique event for Sibley Day on Feb. 20. The organization will host an Asian-style café in Butler Loft from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Food will be purchased from Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant and the St. Louis Korean Bakery, both located in St. Louis, Mo.

Servers will don costumes as they treat participants to authentic Japanese and Korean sweets and tea or coffee. Some servers will even take on the appearance and personality traits of specific Japanese anime characters.

There will be no charge for the food or beverages. The group will be collecting donations for Japan for earthquake and tsunami relief. APCC hopes for a minimum of 200 visitors, including guests from off campus.

Watson started the APCC in the fall of 2011 for students interested in various aspects of Asian pop culture. The organization was created to be a place for students with similar interests to get together and share in the cultural experience. Watson said that the club is also open to anyone who does not know much about Asian pop culture and would like to learn more.

“When I started the club last year, people kept asking me what the benefits would be of starting a group like this. I just told them that it’s a cultural club; it’s different, it’s new,” said Watson. “This is a way for people who are interested in the pop culture of Asia to have a place to go, to meet, to hangout and to make friends.  It’s also meant to get people to step out of their comfort zones a little bit and learn something new.”

APCC meets Mondays at 9 p.m. in Harmon Hall, Room 136. The club is open to all students.