Glynne creates a surprising debut

photo from Pop star Glynne has a debut solo out now

photo from Pop star Glynne has a debut solo out now
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Pop star Glynne has a debut solo out now

4.5 stars

Devin Durbin | Reporter
Sept. 16, 2015; 7:25 p.m.

Jess Glynne is riding the success of her appearance on Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” a song that reached number one in the UK last year. Early on Glynne’s solo debut, “I Cry When I Laugh,” Clean Bandit make an appearance on a song called “Real Love.” It is infectious with its driving piano beat and her boisterous mezzo-soprano voice shines on this song, and is definitely one of the standout tracks. While “I Cry When I Laugh” feels like your stereotypical pop album, especially with songs like “Hold My Hand,” it has a great build up to the bridge and pays off very well.

Glynne sounds at home with ballads “Take Me Home” and “Saddest Vanilla,” but her true heart and soul is found in her huge anthems like “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself” and “You Can Find Me.” The former has such bombast and optimism that are hard to find in pop music. The song builds and builds and does not stop until you are in its clutches. I could not help but sing along to her soulful chorus of “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself.”

Glynne’s vocals are genuine and heartfelt. While summer has technically come to a close this album helps bring warmth to the last hoorahs of the summer. There are a few slower songs, but she pushes the upbeat R&B and takes it to eleven. While at times songs are predictable, she finds a nice mix of modern style, sensible flashbacks and a deep debt to Mariah Carey and Cascada. Glynne has found a place in pop music and I would love to see her up for a Best New Artist of the Year at the Grammys.