CSU wants to ‘Shine’


Illustration by Rachel Schuldt

Devin Durbin | Reporter
From Print [September 29, 2015] | Legacy

The Catholic Student Union is well-known for putting on its Mass service every Sunday but it hosts another activity that has flown under the radar: Shine.

“We’re here to minister to the students, Catholic and non-Catholic… to help create a community of fellowship and faith [on campus],” said Alyssa Entwistle, one of the Lindenwood Campus Ministers.

Each week, the organization gets together to spend time in prayer and study scripture together.

Illustration by Rachel Schuldt
Illustration by Rachel Schuld

“Sometimes we’ll just do a prayer night, Catholic topic night where we learn more about ‘fill in the blank’ and others. We just have fun and socialize,” said Entwistle.

Shine also gets together on Thursday nights for “Prayer with Scripture,” a 30-minute talk in which they open up and read the Gospel and meditate on it.

CSU has retreats where they travel off campus and spend a weekend together.
The group also participates in monthly community service projects, interacting with the community and other parishes.

Students in CSU also participate in the Pro-Life Walk in Washington, D.C. every year.

Elizabeth Pulliam, a Shine member, said, “I like the community. There [are] so many great people here, and they genuinely care for you, and they’re so faith-filled and loving, and they’ve helped me grow in my faith life.”

Every Tuesday, CSU gets together in the Newman Center to host its Shine meetings.
The CSU hosts Mass on Sundays at 8 p.m. in the Sibley Chapel.
More information on the group can be found on LUConnect.