Three quick trips to take over fall break


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Lucie Brochon
| Reporter
October 5, 2015; 11:25 a.m.

Need a break from school? Wish to travel on a low budget? Pick between three destinations and enjoy three days of fun and discoveries for fall break.

For the first time, Lindenwood University will have a fall break Oct. 12-13 creating a four-day weekend for students. Administrative assistant to the provost, Katie Donovan, said the fall break is something that already exists at many other schools and was requested by faculty and staff at Lindenwood.

“Implementing a fall break also helps to even out the days of class between fall and spring semesters,” Donovan said. “Fall break was placed in October because it is the middle of the term. This year fall break takes place directly after midterms.”   ”

For some students, fall break will be an occasion to rest and relax with family and friends before approaching the home stretch to finals.

Senior Solenn Girard said she hopes fall break will help her to decompress from school stress.

“After four weeks of class, the semester is already pretty rough, so I guess I’ll be happy when fall break will come to enjoy a few days without worrying about classes,” she said.”

For other students who won’t have the chance to go back home, this long weekend could be the opportunity to visit a new place, not too far from St. Louis, for a reasonable price.

Memphis, or mid-western cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis, are located less than six hours from St. Louis, allowing students to travel without spending too much of their break on the road. Bus services such as Greyhound and Megabus, offer round-trip tickets at low prices for all three destinations in October.

Click on the next button at the top of the page to see the cost of traveling to each of these cities, along with a few things each destination has to offer for out-of-town visitors.

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