15 teams to battle for Lip Sync crown

15 teams to battle for Lip Sync crown

Photo by Tom_Fristoe

Katie Reigelsberger | Reporter
From Print [October 6, 2015] | Legacy

Lindenwood Lions from 15 teams and organizations are preparing to clash for the title of this year’s Homecoming lip sync champions. Students, alumni, parents and community members are welcome to watch these competitors perform on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. in Hyland Arena.

Since the competition began six years ago, it has been a favorite homecoming activity among students both on the floor and in the crowd.

Carly's Lip Sync
Members of Phi Lambda Phi performed during the 2014 Lip Sync contest in Evans Commons.
Photo by Carly Fristoe

Students have been forming groups with their organizations, teams and even resident halls to choreograph dances to music that match this year’s homecoming theme, “Living the Legacy.”

Ethan Miller, head of the LU Gay Straight Alliance’s dance group, said the competition is always entertaining.

“Guys come out and dress and dance in ways they would not normally; and then the sororities always show why dance is a sport,” he said. “It’s amazing.”

Last year’s Lip Sync winners, the ladies of Delta Zeta, are determined and working hard to reclaim their title.

Jordan Fowler, a Delta Zeta member and Lionette dancer, is one of the three ladies helping set up and choreograph the dance for her team this year.

“Last year we won, so we want to keep up the reputation by doing something just as outstanding,” said Fowler.

The winning team not only receives bragging rights and Homecoming points but also walks away with $425 in tier funds to go toward their organization.