Hypnotist takes students through hypothetical scenarios


Madison Nolte | Reporter
Oct. 1, 2016; 5 p.m.

Junior Hannah Bland, hypnotized, buries her nose into her hoodie and wants nothing to do with him, as Madrid comes to sit beside her, as she is convinced that he smells absolutely terrible.
Photo by Madison Nolte

Around 100 students gathered in Butler Loft for a special Friday Night Live series event featuring hypnotist Brian Madrid.

The Sept. 30 event was scheduled by the Campus Activity Board in an effort to encourage students to stay on campus on the weekends.

Madrid opened the floor for volunteers to be hypnotized, and eight were chosen.  Once hypnotized, Madrid exposed them to a wide range of hypothetical scenarios, including ballet dancing, being on a party bus that got pulled over and even giving birth.

Madrid asked two of the hypnotized individuals if they could meet any celebrity, who it would be. They responded with actor Matthew McConaughey and AJ Lee, a professional female wrestler. Two volunteers from the crowd then acted as McConaughey and Lee as Madrid introduced them to the hypnotized individuals.

Logan Anderson, a freshman exercise science major from Iowa said the show was a good way to get out on the weekend.

“Going to the hypnotist was a nice change of pace from sitting in my dorm room and doing absolutely nothing all night,” he said.

Coupons to Raising Cane’s Chicken went to the first 50 people to arrive to the show, and everyone who came was entered into a raffle for a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre pill speaker.