Review: The Maine were ‘Lovely’


The Maine on their St. Louis stop of their “Modern Nostalgia” tour on Halloween at Delmar Hall.
Photo by Megan Courtney


Dressed as Rock band ZZ Top for the first half of their set, The Maine put on a visually appealing show at Delmar Hall on Oct. 31.

The band are currently on their “Modern Nostalgia” tour in which they perform two albums in their entirety, “American Candy,” released in 2015, and “Lovely Little Lonely” released earlier this year.

John O’Callaghan, lead singer of the band, did not confine himself to one area of the stage. He covered every inch, as well as bringing himself down to the floor to stand at the barricade.

There was not one person in the room who was not dancing or belting the lyrics at the top of their lungs. A majority of the people were dressed in costumes ranging from Guy Fieri, to KISS, to Jack Skellington, even Arthur the Aardvark. 

Periodically, the band asked people in the audience if they were doing alright, in which the crowd cheered in response.

A more emotional moment during the show was when O’Callaghan was the only member on stage during the piano performance of “24 Floors,” a song he wrote when he was going through a tough time but now uses as an encouragement tool to help others get through hard times of their own.

After the show, members of the band came out to the dance floor of Delmar Hall to meet concert-goers who had stuck around after the show to meet them.

“We do this after every show,” said Kennedy Brock, guitarist and backup vocals for the band.

The band does not believe in having VIP Meet and Greet packages for any of their tours, because they believe that nobody should “have to pay to meet a human being.”

The band put on a high-energy show with some emotional moments and motivational speeches that The Maine fans never get tired of, no matter how long they have been fans.