RHA “pimps their porches” for Halloween


2007 Lindenwood grad Olivia Hendrickson, right, and Malia Jones going to Ayres Hall’s LEGO-themed porch.
Photo by Rolando Dupuy


Three thousand flyers passed out. 40 trick-or-treaters. 36 bags of candy. 30 carved pumpkins. Eight hours of prep. Six pimped porches.

For Halloween, the Residential Hall Association partnered up to decorate their dorm porches and invite the community to come to campus.

Each dorm on the horizon side of campus partnered with a dorm on the historic side to “pimp their porches,” as Area Coordinator and mastermind behind the first trick-or-treat event Alicia Barcomb called it.

Last year Barcomb came up with the idea when she was the Resident Director of Niccolls to decorate the dorm porch.

“It’s fun, the fact that I get to put on events as part of my job,” she said.

A total of six dorms were decorated. Parker Hall was themed “Lion King,” Irwin was “Charlie Brown,” McCluer was “Monsters Inc.,” Ayres was LEGO, Sibley was “Halloweentown” and Cobbs was “Alice in Wonderland.”

Area Coordinator Chelsie Bartley said her favorite costume she saw was a family of mariachis, where the mother, father and toddler all donned mustaches and sombreros. 

“We’ve had a moderate amount of adorable children come by,” she said. “Some Power Rangers, some pirates, some mass murderers, it’s fine.”

To get the word out, Barcomb assigned each dorm a street to pass flyers down. Then she contacted local organizations like Boys and Girls Club and local school districts.

Barcomb said she wants it to become an annual event, maybe adding a bonfire and hot chocolate next year.

She also said she wants to market to students next year because Halloween is an American tradition that international students want to experience.