Lindenwood Monologues gives platform for students to express themselves

Lindenwood Monologues will take place on Nov. 7 in the AB Leadership Room.
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MICHELLE SPROAT | Video Content Manager

Giving students a platform to express themselves is the goal of the “Lindenwood Monologues.”

“Lindenwood Monologues” is the new title of the “LU Monologues” event after Lindenwood underwent a new branding.

President of Lindenwood University’s Gender/Sexualities Alliance Brooke Parker addresses members of the organization during the group’s first meeting on Sept. 6.
Photo by Michelle Sproat

Former organizers of the event have stated that the monologues are an event of healing, and it gives students the opportunity to read personal stories.

This year’s event will be hosted by the Campus Organization Against Sexual Assault and the Gender/Sexualities alliance on Nov. 7 in the AB Leadership room.

Kelly Moyich, Title IX coordinator for Lindenwood and the adviser for COASA, said that the monologues are about students telling their personal stories.

“Often in the past these stories have been about coming out or an experience with assault or harassment,” Moyich said. “Because it is a night of free expression, whatever story a student thinks is important to tell can be covered.”

Moyich also emphasizes that the goal of the event is education, acceptance and awareness.

“You can always learn something by listening to the experiences of others,” she said.” You can also learn to be more accepting of others if you have listened to their life experience.”

Moyich also stated that having a safe place to share a narrative is important for college students. This idea was echoed by Brooke Parker, president of GSA.

“I think the monologues specifically are very important because it gives students a chance to just do what they are passionate about,” said Parker.