Sculpture student breaks new ground with art


“4,800 Feet” is the sculpture that is situated between Niccolls and Cobbs halls. Created by senior sculpture artist Garrett Hammersley.
Photo by Ciara Griffin.


The only level-four art sculpture student at Lindenwood has created a piece in front of Niccolls Hall titled “4,800 Feet.”

Garrett Hammersley is a graduating senior and was given a task to do in Sculpture Four. Hammersley is working on his own assignments now because he is the only student in that level class.

“Most of the lower-level students come to me for help, and I offer it when I see people struggling,” Hammersley said.

Most of the art classes are off campus, so Hammersley wanted to bring his sculpture to campus. Hammersley’s sculpture is located directly across from Niccolls Hall and next to the sidewalk by Cobbs Hall. Hammersley said sculpture professor Jacob Stanley helps him “hammer out every single detail.” 

“He always has the answer and is just a big help,” Hammersley said about Stanley.

Hammersley said when he started, art sculpture wasn’t a thought, but Stanley had a great influence on him. Hammersley titled the piece “4,800 Feet” because that is the length of string the sculpture took. The sculpture has several pieces of string harnessed to a tree and then connected to the ground, resembling a sphere shape toward the end.

Hammersley received his vision from an artist named Gabrielle Doss. Doss does several string and inner-weaving pieces. The sculpture took a great amount of time to make, so it ended up being Hammersley’s final project. Hammersley started in November and finished it the last week of the month. He spent about 20-25 out-of-class hours a week working on the sculpture, but also had a lot of difficulties with nature and realistic imaging.

Hammersley is also working on another final project that uses yarn and fishing wire to make a chair that can support a human body.

“It’s just about connecting art with nature,” Hammersley said.