Freshman Council aims to spread positivity with #LindenLove


This positivity wall in the LARC is one of many ways the Freshmen Council is trying to spread #Lindenlove on campus.
Photo by Tyler Keohane


The Freshman Council seeks to spread love and positivity to the faculty, staff and students of Lindenwood.

The council consists of freshman students working together to be involved and to be more of a voice at Lindenwood and is led by students that were nominated by their Like No Other professors.

This year, they have created a hashtag for everyone to use when they feel loved, or need to feel love from the Lindenwold community. The hashtag is “#LindenLove.”

“[The Freshman Council] does a lot of great things to try to implement new ways for us to grow as a community of students and also a community within the freshman class,” Camden Scifres, a freshman on the council, said.

The goal of “#LindenLove” is to take a step out of the groggy, depressing winter and into a more uplifting, positive attitude, according to Scifres. Furthermore, the hashtag could potentially recruit new students by making the community more loving and positive.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”Matt Hansen” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”If nobody stands up and speaks, nothing is going to change.”[/perfectpullquote]

“If nobody stands up and speaks, nothing is going to change,” Matt Hansen said, when asked why the hashtag is so important. Hansen is a co-chair for the programming committee under the council.

Another way the council is sending uplifting messages to the community is with the members’ “positivity walls.”

These are boards where students, faculty and staff are able to take and leave short, positive messages on sticky notes. They are located on the first and second floors of the Library and Academic Resources Center.

“Every day, I see more and more positive notes on there, and I’ve actually had to take some off because the board is just so full,” Dacoda Scarlett said. Scarlett is the coordinator for First Year Programs and advises the council.

Next year, the council plans on spreading the positivity walls to Evans and Spellmann, to further share positivity and love to the Lindenwood community.

This “winter pick-me-up” is to share all of the great things Lindenwood has to offer, including love and positivity. As winter passes, the Freshman Council would like all Lindenwood students to spread positivity around campus when needed.

Hansen offered up a piece of advice regarding their hashtag: “If you love anything at Lindenwood, go ahead and post about it. Share it with others.”

Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this story, it was stated that Camden Scifres was credited with creating the “#LindenLove” hashtag. This has since been corrected.