2018 Lindy Awards: ’90s theme, puns galore


Hosts Scott Mandziara (left) and Sami Glenn (right) are interviewed by LUTV’s Romero Starks and Brie McLemore at the 2018 Lindy Awards. The 2019 awards show will be held on April 18 at 7 p.m. in the Emerson Black Box Theater.
File photo by Tyler Keohane



The Emerson Black Box Theater was turned into a ’90s themed room complete with bright colors and puns Thursday night.

Hosts Scott Mandziara and Sami Glenn made references to “Saved by the Bell” and made the “all that and a bag of chips” joke while professors Patrick Longo and Krista Tucciarone mentioned Crystal Pepsi and the Brady Bunch.

With a total of 42 categories, students of Lindenwood were celebrated and awarded for their achievements in the communications school.

Student Allison Hoeffner, a nominee for Best PSA Script, said, “I’m excited that [my script] is a finalist… and the other contestants are all very talented people indeed, but I am honored to be nominated.”

Brenton Griffith was nominated for seven awards and won three. He won Best Music Video, Best Sound Design and Best Short Fiction.

Griffith said he was most proud of his short fiction award because “it was a lot of work writing the script and editing.”

Along with Lindenwood students, high school students from around the St. Louis and St. Charles areas were nominated in their own categories.

High schooler Haley Heitzman won an award for Best Short Fiction.

Brenton Griffith accepts one of the three awards he received at the Lindy Awards. Photo by Tyler Keohane

“I wanted to do a category I’m not comfortable with, and I got my friends to help me … and we ended up winning,” Heitzman said.

Alumni also had a category. Marsha Parker won Alumna of the Year.

“I feel very honored, thank you very much. I was surprised, but I was very pleased to get the award,” Parker said.

Parker has been involved at Lindenwood for over 30 years.

“If I had worked a hundred years, I could never pay Lindenwood back for all she has given me,” Parker said.

Many awards were given and some students even won multiple awards because of some categories only having one nominee.


A full list of winners can be found below.


Short: Best Fiction Short

  • “A Month Ago” by Brenton Griffith

Short: Best Documentary Short

  • “Jake Henson: Working Out” by Alex Carlos

Short: Best Music Video

  • “I Left My Body” by Joyce Techa

Short: Best Sound Design

  • “A Month Ago” by Brenton Griffith

Short: Best Cinematography

  • Earth to Sender “Memories” by Brenton Griffith

Short: Best Directing

  • “Sick Obsession” by Marina Nichols

Short: Best Actor

  • Alex Carlos in “The Job”

Short: Best Actress

  • Artima Sakulkoo in “Good Mor-ning”

Graduate: Best Video

  • “Done Deal” by Cory Mack

Full Program: Best Talk/Interview Program

  • Artima Sakulkoo for “Thai Cuisine”

Full Program: Best Non-Talk Program

  • Chris Brueggeman for “LUTV News”

Full Program: Best Studio Direction

  • Chris Brueggeman for “Corner Gallery”

LUTV News: Best Sports Reporting/Package

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “LUTV News”

LUTV News: Best Field Reporting/Package

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “Heroin Meeting”

LUTV News: Best Studio Talent

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “Demo Reel”

Best Sports Telecast: Best Talent

  • Tom Hartbeck

Advertising Collateral: stationery (letterhead, envelope, business card), annual report, brochure

  • Susan Adams

Advertising Digital: websites, social media, apps, web banner (static or animated), blogs and digital publications

  • Ewa Dymarek

Advertising Out-of-Home: billboard, poster, mass transit including vehicle wraps, guerrilla marketing and events

  • Ewa Dymarek

Advertising Tradition Media: print (magazine and newspaper), radio and television

  • Mirella Mosquera

Advertising Visual: Logo Design

  • Alison Plume

Public Relations: Press Release

  • Hannah Saputo

Public Relations: Social Media Post

  • Jennifer Wunder

Alumna Of The Year

  • Marsha Parker

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Article

  • “Alumnus returns to take reins of KCLC station” by Matt Hampton

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Enterprise Article

  • “Breaking the silence on mental health issues in college” by Essi Auguste Virtanen

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Opinion Article

  • “Media’s new minority: Representation of autism in TV shows needs work” by J.T. Buchheit

Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Photograph

  • “Lindenwood table tennis flies past divisional tournament” by Walker Van Wey

Interactive: Best Branding

  • Sara Link

Interactive: Best App or Website

  • Ewa Dymarek

Interactive: Best Digital Photograph

  • Gonzalo Perez

Interactive: Best Digital Art Created

  • Regina Huesca

Interactive: Best Print Art Created

  • Ewa Dymarek

Writing: Best Commercial/ PSA Script

  • “Take a Stand PSA” by Tess Augustyn

Writing: Best Dramatic Script: The Rift Fournier Memorial Writing Award

  • “Movie Night” by Gavin Lewis

High School: Best Direction

  • “Lubeley’s Closing” by Ryan Meyers from Affton High School

High School: Best Short Non-Fiction

  • Producer for Ritenour High School’s KRHS TV news special episode, Izzy Clark

High School: Best Short Fiction

  • “The Demon in Us” by Haley Heitzman from Francis Howell Central High School

High School: Best Animation

  • “Visions for Real” by Mary Wachtel, Corinne Vorderstrasse, Nikki Sparks and Teddy Rosen from Francis Howell Central High School

Best of Show

  • Ashley Higginbotham