Irwin hosts “Physically Sorry!” life-sized board game


Katherine Yeomans, a freshman in Irwin Hall, answers trivia questions during a life-sized version of Sorry! for Irwin Hall’s physical program Wednesday, March 21. Photo by Abby Stone.

ABBY STONE | Reporter 


Irwin Hall hosted a life-sized game of “Sorry!” in which participants had to answer nutrition questions and do physical challenges to advance.

The event also offered fruits, granola bars and water in its lounge Wednesday night.

Patrick McLeroy jumps to the next spaces in the life sized board game in Irwin Hall Wednesday night. The game consisted of answering trivia questions, then rolling a die to see how many spaces a participant could jump. Photo by Abby Stone

Mary Healy and Gabby Whitaker put on “Physically Sorry!” as a physical program required by Residential Life.

“We wanted to do something fun and educational, so we decided to bring to life a board game,” Whitaker said.

The Residential Life office requires each hall to put on a physical, mental, community and diversity program.

The game started at 8 p.m. and four players took their spots on the board. They rolled a large blow-up die to determine the number of spaces they could move.

On some of the squares were challenges like “do five push-ups” or “plank for 30 seconds.”

The first round lasted around 45 minutes and ended in a close race between rugby teammates Kanani Uluave and Sativa Tarau-Peehikuru. Ulave ultimately won the first round and won a bottle of water.

Kanani Uluave wins the first round of Physically Sorry! This was a live action version of Sorry! that CA’s Mary Healy and Gabby Whitaker put on in Irwin as a physical program.
Photo by Abby Stone.

After the first round, the trivia questions shifted from nutrition to Disney trivia to history facts.

“[The event] got people up and moving.” Healy said, “Doors opened along the halls to see what was going on.”

As the event went along more people showed to enjoy a healthy snack and entertainment of the night.

According to Whitaker and Healy, the event went well and was fun for everyone.