Student plans to pursue musical career in California after graduation


Vinnie Guiffrida, a music business major, plays several instruments and hopes to move to California to pursue music after graduation.
Photo by Landan Jaeger

LANDAN JAEGER Lindenlink Contributor 

Vinnie Guiffrida has been playing music since he was 5 years old, and he plans to move to California after he graduates to pursue his career.

Guiffrida, 20, a sophomore at Lindenwood, is majoring in music business.

According to Guiffrida, starting out in music wasn’t his idea; his parents made him take piano lessons. The person who inspired him to keep playing was his first piano teacher.

“After watching and hearing my teacher play, that’s when I knew I wanted to take this on and pursue music as a career,” he said.

Guiffrida said he doesn’t want to just be in California for his music; he really wants to travel the world and play gigs to share his talent.

He also wants to start a business and have his own high-fashion clothing brand since he wants to stay busy. Fashion is something he likes and wants to make a brand that has Gucci look and quality, but at a cheaper price.

“In the humblest way, I could see myself becoming famous not only through music but possibly through a business that has to do with clothing,” he said

In addition to singing, Guiffrida plays piano, guitar, bass, drums and several other instruments. Writing and producing songs is easier since he doesn’t need anyone when he is recording.              

“Music has helped me through tough times and identify who I really am,” he said. “It gives me a sense of peace.”

If he ever wants to jam out at his house, he has friends who play instruments, but if that doesn’t work out, he has his older brother Nick who plays bass. Currently, they play together in a wedding cover band.

“Vinnie is an excellent musician, and his energy primarily comes from his playing, but he can interact and perform onstage quite exceptionally,” Nick Guiffrida said.

Whenever Vinnie Guiffrida writes music, he starts with something that happened to him. It can be the simplest thing, or it can be complex.

He understands harmony, so it all depends on what he is feeling or reflecting. As long as he can support the song with lyrics and chords, he has something to work with.

Guiffrida said he doesn’t stick to any specific genres; he plays it all to make himself unique. Currently, he is writing and recording as much as he can before he goes off into the music world.

After he gets an idea, he will sit down at the piano and start playing and see what comes out.

“Sometimes it’s very hard, and I just keep pushing to make music, but sometimes I have to think about it to make sure it all makes sense,” he said.

Guiffrida is writing with another student that he met at Lindenwood, Ezra Kurzich. The pair will be recording some music that they wrote together and see how they sound.

“He’s got strong piano skills, coming from jazz, that has helped him branch out to other genres,” Kurzich said.

Guiffrida is still playing and writing as much as he can before he graduates and takes on his music and business career in California.