What’s coming to and leaving Netflix this week


Here is the full list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix this month.
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It’s another busy week for Netflix. They are releasing many movies and T.V. shows, but not taking any titles down this week.

One notable addition to Netflix this week is “Mama Mia!”  It is coming out right in time because the sequel/prequel will be coming to theaters July 20. And yes, the legendary Meryl Streep will be in the new one too.

For any Steve Carell fans (everyone), “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” will be coming out this week as well.

Here’s the full list of what’s coming to Netflix this week:


May 13

  • Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

May 14

  • The Phantom of the Opera

May 16

  • 89
  • Mamma Mia!
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • The Kingdom
  • Wanted

May 18

  • Cargo
  • Catching Feelings
  • Inspector Gadget: Season 4

May 19

  • Bridge to Terabithia
  • Scandal: Season 7
  • Small Town Crime

Make sure to check back next week to see what’s coming to and leaving Netflix.