Meet a Cabbie: T.J. Tipton


Senior TJ Tipton poses inside the Student Involvement office, taking a break from brainstorming with other cabbies.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


T.J. Tipton was stationed at the computers with four other members of the Campus Activities Board recently, chatting and bouncing off what sounded like upcoming event suggestions.

She stood and waved at a visitor, greeting them with, “Hello friend!”

Tipton, a senior and third-year member of CAB is from Jefferson City, Missouri. She is majoring in elementary education and will soon be certified in grades first through sixth. She is also a part of Campus Outreach and is often involved with the student government.

“I get to kind of dip my toes in a lot of other orgs because I see them so much, and I hear what’s going on with them,” Tipton said.

Other than deepening her involvement throughout the university, Tipton said she has made many solid connections along the way. She has also come to understand just how important representation is.

“Even when I’m not at a CAB function, I am still representing CAB; I hold that persona all the time,” she said. “There’s just some really great connections I’ve made; having that voice with the student body and knowing a good chunk of who they are.”

Tipton said her favorite CAB event is the Winterfest. She was involved in planning the very first one, two years ago during her first year as a member.

“I think it was fun to create something from scratch,” Tipton said. “Winterfest includes things that the students want to do and love.”

Besides overall growth, Tipton said she would love for CAB to be more diverse. She believes anyone could be a cabbie, as long as they are a flexible team player.

“We do a lot of brainstorming and respecting each other’s ideas is big,” Tipton said.

Since Tipton was able to experience what CAB had to offer first just as a student, she said she would repeat her experience exactly the same as a cabbie. Through taking the time to mature and gain her bearings, she eventually grew ready to take on a large, but fulfilling responsibility as a prominent member of CAB.