Studio art professor displays original work in exhibit


Grant Hargate’s drawings from his 2018 Duncan Residency are on display in the Boyle Family Gallery until Sept. 23rd. The drawings pictured above are titled “Black Prisms,” “Leaving Umbria” and “1 and 2 Necks.”
Photo by Abby Stone

ABBY STONE | Reporter

The Boyle Family Gallery is exhibiting Lindenwood professor Grant Hargate’s most recent art collection.

Hargate participated in the 2018 Duncan Residency in Vancouver. During his residency, Hargate created a collection of drawings using just one brush and ink. Hargate said his goal was to draw objects and non objects to play with the idea of what art is.

“I guess I believe that people can put light and shadow into anything, and it becomes real,” Hargate said.

During his residency, Hargate put 40 hours a week in at the studio. He spent a good amount of time exploring Vancouver, but didn’t feel the need to take a break from his work.

Hargate said he explored his originality and abilities and learned a lot while focusing on his work.

“I was pleasantly charmed,” Hargate said. “I felt very meditative, maybe like a monk working on a manuscript might.”

Hargate said it is important for students, faculty and staff to see professors continue creating original work. According to Hargate, it should be the creed of the department that professors can’t teach what they don’t practice.

“[Students] are not going to know the outcome, that should not intimidate them from the creative process,” Hargate said.

Hargate’s work will be on display in the gallery until Sept. 27. He will be speaking about his work on Thursday, Sept. 13.

“I’m very proud of this show, and it’s very exciting to see it in the Boyle Family Gallery,” Hargate said.