Fraternities welcome new members to new organizations


Members of Phi Delta Theta gather for a photo after receiving their new members on Sept. 15.
Photo by Taylor McDaniel.


Fraternity rush has now come to a close with the men welcoming in their new members Saturday morning during Family Day.

During the week, prospective recruits were given the chance to meet with the four different fraternities at various different events. At those events, they spoke with initiated members to learn about the different brotherhoods. The men were then offered a bid from an organization and it was up to them to accept or decline.

Michael Venegoni, Josh Robinson and Michael Strauch pose for a picture after welcoming home new members.
Photo by Taylor McDaniel.

The men then lined up on stage in front of family and friends to announce which fraternity they had joined. 

Although the numbers do not quite measure up to those from last year, the men are all ready to begin their journey with their new brothers.

In 2017, 41 men received a bid from a fraternity. This year, only 30 men received one. The newest fraternity on campus, Theta Xi, welcomed two new members. Delta Tau Delta brought home five new members. Phi Delta Theta received nine new members. Phi Lambda Chi topped the charts with 14 new members.

“Some years numbers are good and some years they are not as good as we would like,” director of Greek life Christopher Miofsky said. ” However, we really focus on quality over quantity with regards to membership, so we are not concerned about this decrease.”

After announcing the new members, they got to join their new brothers for photos and to get to know one another.

“I am really excited to have the most members,” alumni member of Phi Lambda Chi Ethan Miller said. “We got a great bunch of guys.”

All of the fraternities are proud of what they have done as members of the Greek community. Everyone worked hard and worked to recruit men for their organizations.

“We put on a pretty good game and got some good guys, the best guys,” Phi Delta Theta member Andrew Combs said.

Miofsky announced that the fraternities have begun continuous open bidding. If a student still wishes to be a part of a fraternity, they now have the chance to do so. To get more information, contact Miofsky at [email protected]