Review: Comedian LeClerc Andre filled Evans Dining Hall with laughter


Lindenwold students join in laughter at comedian, LeClerc Andre’s stand up show in Evans Commons dining hall.
Photo by Lauren Pennock


Lindenwood’s Campus Activities Board kicked off its first comedy night of the year with comedian, LeClerc Andre.

All Lindenwood students were welcome to take a break from the stress of upcoming midterm projects and exams to enjoy some fresh popcorn, mocktails and laughs with friends and classmates.

CAB members, Tara LeClere, Katie Adams, Molly Tiemeyer, and Molly’s sister, Morgan hand out popcorn and chilled mocktails to students who gather for the comedy show.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

The stand up was held in Evans Commons Dining Hall and began at 7 p.m. CAB member Katie Adams shared how the Lindenwood organization initially discovered and chose Andre for tonight’s performance.

“We usually book through this comedy agency, called Summit Comedy,” Adams said. “They give us a list of upcoming or available comedians, and from there, we watch their YouTube videos to figure out who would be the best fit for the event.”

Andre, who will be performing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” this Friday, kept the evening laid back and fun for students. He included light humor, discussing topics that ranged from online dating to fast food jobs.

His opening line filled the Evans Dining Hall with laughter and gained him even more audience members.

“This is going to be hard because you guys have food in front of you, and I just don’t taste that good,” Andrea said. “I don’t think I can compete with Chick-Fil-A.”

CAB’s comedy show fliers introducing LeClerc Andrea as the evening’s performer.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

Halfway into the show, the volume of the dining hall’s TVs escalated, competing with Andre’s performance. CAB members and Evans dining staff were unable to locate the remotes before the start of the show.  However, Andre went along with it and continued joking with the cabbies and audience.


“What am I gonna do on Fallon?” Andre repeated back to an audience member. “Exactly this, but with no TVs on.”

“It’ll be clean, crisp and polished, and I won’t hear people eating popcorn,” Andre said.

For more information on upcoming CAB events go to InvolveU or visit the Student Involvement office, located on the third floor of Evans Commons.