Tatted: When Superman reassures your identity


This is Tatted, a podcast telling the stories behind people’s ink.
Graphic by Kat Owens


After reading the comic book “Superman Kingdom Come,” senior film student Judge Williams connected with the hero he has always looked up to. During Williams’ freshman year of college, he was experiencing an identity crisis of sorts when he stayed at home to go to community college, and a majority of his friends went off to four-year universities. 

“It was a time when Superman didn’t feel like being a superhero anymore… and to read that my favorite superhero didn’t want to be this thing that defined him so heavily anymore, I was blown away by it,” Williams said.

This quarter-life crisis of sorts led to two different tattoos: a double black armband that symbolically intersects faith, strength and Superman’s iconic “S” symbol and also his “I Am” tattoo, with a camera lens around it. 

When life seems confusing and the day-to-day shuffle is redundant, Williams finds comfort in both tattoos. Through difficult choices and failures that a creative field like film demands, Williams is just able to flex and feel stronger, he joked.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about working in a creative field, why Williams loves Superman and maturing as a young professional. 

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