A Different Approach: Ep 1 How technology impacts you


A Different Approach is a weekly podcast about the host’s insights from his experience with Exodus90, a Catholic men’s program of self-discipline.
Graphic by Matt Hampton.


In the season premiere of A Different Approach, Evan talks about starting Exodus90 and what insights it has given him about technology.  

Exodus90 is a 90-day Catholic program which involves dietary restrictions,  eliminating the use of TV and internet for leisure, and other requirements.  Participants also read the book of Exodus during the program, and in this episode Evan discussed Exodus 1:1 to 2:10.  

Evan shares how technology can become an addicting distraction and consume too much time.  

This series is produced by Matt Hampton. 

A Different Approach comes out every Monday and does not reflect the opinions of Lindenlink staff or Lindenwood University.