Faculty merge their art forms for the first time in new gallery


Mixed Media Collages by Shevare Perry, fashion design instructor, at The Boyle Family Gallery of the J. Scheidegger Center on Sept 9.
Photo by Sandy Leegumjorn

Sandy Leegumjorn | Reporter

Fifteen faculty members across different majors have work in the exhibition at the Boyle Family Gallery of the J. Scheidegger Center.

Many art forms were presented – photographs, mixed media collage, digital adobe illustrator, pencil and digital, acrylic-wood, oil on canvas, fashion design, digital riso print, digital collage, cast resin and glitter, and more.

One of the art creations is called 3D Doodles, done by Jason Lively, the Dean of the School of Arts, Media, and Communications. 

“3D Doodles” by Jason Lively, presented in the Opening Reception and Gallery Talk at The Boyle Family Gallery of the J. Scheidegger Center on Sept 9.
Photo by Sandy Leegumjorn

“I’ve always been a doodler and my doodling has evolved throughout my life,” Lively said. “from something that was merely pigment on paper to even the 3D creations that were showcased in the exhibition.” 

Lively said the term “doodling” is often not about anything and they often serve no purpose. 

“They are simply tidbits of creative expressions that find their way onto meeting agendas, post-it notes, the backs of business cards, or in the case of the 3D doodles as tangible objects that may merely live on a book shelf,” Lively said. 

He also said that it is not required for a person to be an artist in order to doodle. “Doodling can bring out the artist in each of us,” Lively said.  

The Boyle Gallery is open daily for Lindenwood students, faculty, staff, and the greater Saint Louis Community.

“This current exhibition, as well as upcoming exhibitions showcase the breadth and depth of knowledge and kill within the Art & Design Division here at Lindenwood,” said Joseph Weber, Assistant Professor of Studio Art and the Division of Art and Design.

Weber said that this exhibition runs parallel with the rollout of new curriculum that he and the Art & Design Division are extremely excited about future collaboration.

“Every art creation has its own story. That’s why I’m always down to come and see what this art exhibition offers,” Katherine Jacome, a Cinema Arts student, said. “Since I’m always in the Scheidegger, I see art creations getting set up and I was like why not? Art is always interesting.” 

The Boyle Gallery is open every weekday Monday through Thursday from 3-8 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.