Fraternity Life expands involvement with over thirty new members


Phi Lambda Chi rallies with their new members and reunite with the sorority women.
Photo By Arin Froidl

ARIN FROIDL | Reporter

Lindenwood’s fraternities welcomed 37 new members into the three different organizations on campus on Saturday.

Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) hosted formal fall rush week from Sept. 9 through Sept. 14.

Each of the three fraternal organizations, Phi Lambda Chi, Phi Delta Theta, and Delta Tau Delta, held individual events during the week to get to know the potential new members.

IFC Vice President of Recruitment & Member Development Max Buck worked closely with IFC president Hayden Rosenthal to plan the week for the men wishing to join a fraternity. 

Buck and Rosenthal, also members of Phi Lambda Chi, said the point of the week is to find the best brotherhood for each potential new member.

They want to “help these young men find an organization that will help them develop into the men they want to be,” Buck said. 

Moses Milan, recruitment chair for Phi Delta Theta, said the most important part of the week is connecting with the new men. He told his organization to “imagine them as your brother” when interacting with the potential new members. 

“We got a lot of solid guys,” Milan said about bid day. 

New Phi Delta Theta member Mason Rice said he wanted to join fraternity life to “experience more of campus life.” 

Each man that goes through rush week is given the opportunity to learn about the philanthropies and values of each organization.

Freshman Chris Barry joined Delta Tau Delta because “their values…more matched with my values.” 

Austin Shariff said he wanted to join Phi Lambda Chi because he “felt like they took me in.”

“The brotherhood was there,” Shariff said.

Milan said one of the best parts of bid day is getting to see the sororities again. During the week, the fraternities are allowed limited contact with the Panhellenic organizations on campus. 

He said it’s nice “reuniting the community” after weeks of recruitment.