Tiny Dorm Concerts: Joe Taylor


Photo by Tyler Keohane.

Tiny Dorm Concerts creates an intimate concert in the dorm rooms of Lindenwood University.

Tyler Keohane, Reporter


Juniors Joe Taylor and Jordan Cowell performed as the first artists on Lindenlink’s new video series, “Tiny Dorm Concerts.”

The concert series provides a platform to Lindenwood students to share and appreciate their peers’ music. Inspired by the style of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, Lindenlink brings viewers into the dorm rooms of students at Lindenwood for an intimate, personal show. The showcased artists perform three songs: two originals and one cover.

Taylor’s dorm room provided a comfortable environment relative to his music, which is exactly why the “Tiny Dorm” team chose to shoot each concert in the dorm room of the artist. The concerts, like their dorm rooms, are geared toward the artist themselves. The “Tiny Dorm” team: Tyler Keohane, Kayla Drake, Mia Tebbe and James Tananan Kamnuedkhun work with the artist(s) for a few weeks before each show to prepare.

Any Lindenwood students or friends of students are welcome and invited to come to these concerts. There is, of course, a tiny amount of space to work with so only a limited number of people can come. If interested in attending a Tiny Dorm Concert, message Lindenlink via social media or send an email to [email protected].