How to stay involved on campus during a pandemic


Students prepare for Lindenwood Student Involvement events. Photo provided by Lindenwood Student Involvement.

Bella Rainey, Culture Editor

Lindenwood University’s Student Involvement department prides itself on its 80+ student organizations, averaging 2,000 activities a year, a functioning student government, active Fraternity and Sorority Life, and major events like Family Day and Homecoming. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, student activities, like many other aspects of the fall semester, will have to look a little different.

“Lindenwood University believes in the importance of providing activities, programs, and experiences that supplement what our students are learning in the classroom,” according to the Lindenwood Student Groups and Activities web page.

In order to follow university policy, students must follow the guidelines outlined on the Student Involvement “Roaring Return” web page. This includes social distancing measures, mask requirement, and capacity changes for in-person event space.

“Student Involvement has been leading by example. We make sure our office workers, as well as the professional staff, are following all guidelines set in place. During our events, we make sure to stress the importance of physical distance and wearing masks,” Student Involvement Program Coordinator, Ethan Miller said in an email.

In an attempt to keep students engaged this semester, Lindenwood Student Government has hit the ground running with general assembly meetings, creating new student organizations, and planning events.

“InvolveU will be your best friend if you want to be more involved. You will be able to find the InvolveU page from the portals tab on the Lindenwood website. On InvolveU, you’ll be able to see events on campus and all the organizations. Look through [the] organizations and see what you think you’d be interested in and you can request to join. Also follow @LUgetinvolved on Instagram,” LSG Vice President of Student Relations and Involvement, Katie Percifull said in an email.

Whether you are a returning student, freshman, or transfer, there is something for everyone to get involved in this semester.

“I continue to stay motivated [during] this time knowing that I am not the only person trying to keep being involved with organizations on campus. I know that as a leader in my organizations we need socialization more than ever and so brainstorming virtual ways to stay connected keeps me motivated,” 2019-2020 Student Leader of the Year, Jenna Biagi said in an email.

Lindenwood also continues to offer free event opportunities this semester to ensure accessibility to all students looking to get involved.

“Take advantage of the free things. There are lots of virtual or socially distant events happening on campus that are free and might give out free items. Go to them! There are free giveaways happening on social media. Take part in them,” Biagi said.

“There are free leadership building activities like conferences and certifications that Lindenwood offers. Do them! There is free leadership training that Lindenwood offers. Get trained for free!” 

Regardless of the pandemic, Lindenwood is still finding ways to keep students plugged in and engaged. To learn more about what Lindenwood has to offer this semester, check out InvolveU through your student portal, or visit the student involvement website.