Life as a college freshman during a pandemic


Photo by Hadel Abdelkarim

Kennedy Mann, a freshman at Lindenwood.

Hadel Abdelkarim, Reporter

For freshmen, being on campus is a big part of the college experience; but COVID-19 has made this year unlike any other.

Luckily, some freshmen now have the opportunity to have some sort of first year college experience.  

Freshman Kennedy Mann came to Lindenwood because she liked how welcoming everyone was during her tour of the campus. The coronavirus is still at stake, yet Lindenwood has adapted to the situation and is allowing students to be on campus with precautions.  

“I knew it’s not just going to go away, but I really like how Lindenwood has adapted to it, and is still letting us be on campus, and is doing everything they can to keep us safe,” Mann said.  

Mann was very excited and looking forward to being on campus. The university has taken procedures and steps to make sure students get to be on campus and get their college experience while being safe at the same time, by doing both online and in class sessions.  

“I think it’s being going pretty well,” Mann said. “I thought it was going to be harder doing online, but I think the hybrid system of being half online, half in person is making it go so smoothly.” 

Alexis Sidwell, another freshman who decided to come to Lindenwood, had to make a choice between Lindenwood and another university. Her mom told her that a smile never left her face when she came to tour and decided to come here.  

Sidwell had the opportunity to get the college experience she wanted even though it wasn’t exactly the way she imagined it.  

“I knew the college experience wasn’t going to be exactly the same as it would have been, but I really wanted to have some of the experience, so like I wanted to leave home and I wanted to do all these things on my own,” Sidwell said.  

It is harder for students to do things around campus now, but in order to protect students and keep them on campus, there are guidelines that students need to follow.  

Alexis Sidwell, a freshman at Lindenwood. (Hadel Abdelkarim)

“My favorite part about Lindenwood is probably that everywhere you can just walk to; you don’t have to drive to certain places, and you have enough time to get everywhere, and campus is super beautiful,” Sidwell said. “My favorite place to study here is the pavilion, and I really like that place because it’s really beautiful over there.

“I think Lindenwood is doing a great job on keeping us on campus and make sure were following the guidelines, because I know lots of people who don’t take it seriously but that is what’s keeping us here.”  

Freshman Britney Tran chose Lindenwood because her high school teacher told her that the university has a really good business school. Tran was excited when the campus opened, and that she was able to attend some of her classes. 

“I was very excited knowing that I had a professor there to answer my questions, was a great resource,” Tran said.  

Tran was already used to online classes, since high schools moved to online classes to finish the year. She already knew the feel of what online classes were going to be like, but also decided to take classes in person if she could.  

“I decided to take the hybrid route,” Tran said. “All the classes I could take hybrid, so I could get the college feel outside my house. Being at home it just feels like I’m doing work.”  

Brittney Tran, a freshman at Lindenwood. (Hadel Abdelkarim)