The Sacred Space, a place that support students’ religious traditions


The Sacred Space is located on the third floor of Evans Commons next to the Little Free Pantry.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

Lindenwood University welcomes and supports all religious traditions.

Students have access to the Sacred Space for daily prayers and meditation on the third floor of Evans Commons in room 3110.

Situated next to the Little Free Pantry, Lindenwood provides its students with a safe and quiet environment where they can pray and practice their religious beliefs.

“The prayer room is welcome for everyone of any religion, or even those who are not religious, to go in and pray,” senior Hadel Abdelkarim said.

Professor in Religion Nichole Torbitzky is involved and devoted to the Sacred Space. She wants to make sure that every student feels comfortable coming in and practicing their religion.

“So far it’s been groups of people who are kind to each other and organize themselves such that they take turns,” Torbitzky said.

Students from different religions can come in and pray at the same time.

Curtain dividers are available to students to give them the privacy they need.

“Depending on how students are praying, each student can space out from one another and perform their prayers,” Abdelkarim said. “I don’t think students would interpret or disrespect one another while praying or at least I hope not.”

The Sacred Space used to be located on the top floor of Spellmann but was moved to Evans Commons this semester.

“It was previously located on the Spellmann top floor,” Abdelkarim said. “However that room has become an office or will be for someone.”

The prayer room is open and free to use whenever Evans Commons is open.

“The room is open whenever Evans Commons is open you can come by yourself or in groups,” Torbitzky said. “Please take off your shoes at the door, please no food or drinks inside.”

No reservation is needed to go to the Sacred Place yet. Students can come in whenever they want as long as they are respectful to each other.

No drinks, no food, and no shoes are allowed in The Sacred Space.

“We haven’t made this place reservable yet we are considering that move but right now there hasn’t been that much demand for it,” Torbitzky said. “But right now it’s working really well that everybody kind of shares, and they also get to know each other.”

The Sacred Space is a quiet room. Any other religious beliefs that require talking should be done somewhere else to keep this space safe and as silent as possible.

“This place is reserved for quiet prayers and meditations,” Torbitzky said. “But for example, Bible study or meetings should not be done in this space.”

Students can contact Torbitzky or Student Involvement for any questions or concerns before going to the Sacred Space or while being there.

“If there are any questions or problems students can contact me and I will be happy to help,” Torbitzky said. “But if it is an immediate thing, students can go to the Student Involvement down the hallway.”