Lindenwood Student Government hosts winter clothing drive, fosters a community


Flyer Courtesy of Lindenwood Student Government.

Bobbie Morrison, Culture Editor

Lindenwood Student Government hosted a winter clothing drive at the outdoor plaza in front of Spellman this afternoon from 3-5 p.m. 

During the clothing drive, the student government offered hot chocolate, tea and apple cider to students passing by and those donating to the drive. 

“There are some students that can’t afford [winter] stuff,” director of student relations Edward Hansford said. “Before COVID, it was a really big tradition to share with other students the stuff that you might have extra of in your room so that everyone is warm.” 

Lindenwood Student Government hosted this event in hopes that they could collect socks, gloves, hats, scarves, coats and other winter clothing for students who can’t afford to purchase those items. 

“Today, we actually have gotten more than I thought we would,” vice president Emelyn Smuszkiewiez said. “Our main goal is to foster a community and to help students that don’t have [essential] things be able to have access to them.” 

Not only do members of the student government hope to help students with this donation project, but they also hope to encourage community efforts by hosting events like these. 

“Starting this culture of us as a community within the student body is really important,” Hansford said. “Just starting to pull people that might be in [Fraternity Sorority Life] or within athletics together to have one common cause is super important.” 

For students who were unable to attend the clothing drive today, the student government will continue to collect donations in the Student Involvement Office located on the third floor of Evans Commons until Monday at 5 p.m.