LU Night with the Blues for students, alumni, and faculty


Photo by Hadel Abdelkarim

Leo waves as he rides the Olympia ice resurfacing machine at the Blues game on March 15 at the Enterprise Center.

Hadel Abdelkarim, Reporter

Lindenwood’s Special Events Team Destination Lindenwood hosted the LU Night with the Blues event on Wednesday, March 15 at the Enterprise Center, with 242 tickets sold to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Don Rothermich, director of Destination Lindenwood, and Emily Sebourn, manager of Special Events organized the event for the university community and alumni.

Everyone who purchased a ticket received a shirt and a hockey puck. Before the game began, Lindenwood student Pamela Doody sang the national anthem.

There was a VIP room set for Lindenwood University’s gift donors, alumni, and friends including the university’s president John Porter. All received a free shirt as well as The Best of the Blues book that highlights the greatest players in the team’s history. The book was written by Dan O’Neill, who attended the event and signed his book there.

Another guest in attendance was a wrestler and two-time WWE Hall of Famer Rick Flair.

Rothermich said such events like LU Night with the Blues are important for the university.

“Community engagement partnerships are important because Lindenwood wants to support the metro area as a whole,” Rothermich said. “In the instance of the blues partnership, there are opportunities for our students to gain real-life experience through on and off-campus activations.”