Lindenwood students share New Year’s resolutions

It's that season to make new goals, while looking forward to the new year. Check out below for student's personal resolutions to make 2018 grand.
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It’s that time of year where everyone decides what they will do in the coming year to better themselves and improve their quality of life.

We asked 10 Lindenwood students how they plan to make 2018 the best year yet and this is what they said.

Abby Flynn


Special Education

“I’d like to use less social media this year.”


Allison Hinson


Therapeutic Recreation

“I would like to see the more positive things instead of my temper taking over and also digging deeper into my faith and being more consistent with my (Bible) devotions.”

Ashley LaPointe


Exercise Science

“My new year’s resolution is to live the healthiest lifestyle I possibly can.”

Brenden Schiltz


Sports Management

“I think I want to be more engaged and involved during class.”

Trey Green


Exercise Science

“I want to be more outgoing and not being afraid to talk to people.”

Sarah Marler


Early Education

“My New Year’s resolution is continuing to focus and work towards my academic, track, and personal goals I have set for myself.”

Hank Likes


Mass communication with broadcast emphasis

“Being more engaged and upbeat when communicating and working with others on projects.”

Emily Montgomery


History Education

“My resolution would probably be to not let people or events play a role in what affects my mood or what kind of day I have. I want to learn to let the small things go and to always be positive about things.”

Jess Hodge


Mass communication with broadcast emphasis

"My new year's resolution is to use social media less. It has become a crutch for me in between classes and activities."

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