New fraternity added in time for Rush Week

The newest fraternity added to campus: Theta Xi, will be accepting founding members during Spring Rush Week starting January 22.
Graphic by Kayla Drake.

ARIN FROIDL | Reporter

Theta Xi is the newest social fraternity to join Lindenwood University Greek Life.

Christopher Miofsky, assistant director of Greek Life at Lindenwood said that the goal of the organization is to, “add to our family and broaden the experiences and opportunities for men to affiliate with.” 

Theta Xi started in 1864 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York by eight members. The group now has chapters in 24 states across the country.

The Interfraternity Council, which is made up of members from Delta Tau Delta, Phi Lambda Chi, and Phi Delta Theta, looked at various Greek organizations before deciding on Theta Xi.

“[Theta Xi] mirror a lot of the qualities that you see in Phi Delta Theta, or Delta Tau Delta, or Phi Lambda Chi as far as putting an emphasis on education and an emphasis on philanthropy,” said Chase Bascio, vice president of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council.

“Theta Xi had reached out to us in the past,” Miofsky said. “We just were not in the position to bring on an organization [at the time].”

Theta Xi is the first of three social fraternities the Interfraternity Council has decided to bring to Lindenwood. In the next six to eight years, Lindenwood will also establish Sigma Tau Gamma and Alpha Sigma Phi fraternities.

There is no president of the fraternity at this time because the new chapter is being started by the national organization. Officers will be chosen by the first class. Once the new chapter begins, the chapter will be given its unique name.

According to Miofsky, Theta Xi could be a better fit for male students if they do not fit or connect with the other existing fraternities.

“Something new always gets a little [more] attention, but for the most part it’s going to be that the students connected with this organization more than the other [fraternities on campus],” he said.

Hayden Rosenthal, a potential Theta Xi recruit, said that adding the new fraternity on campus “gives me an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself alone. This is a great opportunity to get involved and create a legacy on campus.”

Recruitment for Theta Xi will start Jan. 22 during the fraternity Spring Rush Week.

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