Student up for Miss Missouri

April 21, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Viki Muench | Staff Reporter
Published April 21, 2015; 1:10 p.m.

Mikaela Carson seems to be a normal college senior trying to keep up with a busy schedule. However, there is something that sets her apart from her fellow classmates and friends. Something that gives her opportunities outside of her academic career that only few are able to experience. […]


Student housing lacking reliable maintenance

April 21, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Christie Sielfleisch | Design Chief
Published April 21, 2015; 1 p.m.

As a student, have you ever had your basement flood with sewage, forcing you to wait days before maintenance could come and clean up the stench? Have you ever dealt with a broken vent and were forced to live in conditions comparable to an arctic tundra until LU sent someone to fix the problem? If not, then you are the exception. […]

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Sigma-Aldrich Donation

April 21, 2015 Lindenlink Staff 0

Ashley Higganbotham | Staff Reporter April 21, 2015; 11 a.m. Lindenwood’s School of Sciences will be renaming of the biology research lab in Young Hall after the Sigma- Aldrich Corporation donated $576,000 in consumables and equipment. Department […]


Area adjuncts rally for workers’ rights

April 16, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Emily Adair | Editor-in-Chief
Published April 16, 2015; 11:35 a.m.

Hundreds of adjunct instructors, students and other workers gathered at Washington University in St. Louis to rally for workers’ rights on Wednesday, April 15. The rally was one of countless demonstrations across the nation. […]


Ferguson elects 3 black city councilmen

April 15, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Jessica Hartman | Contributing Writer
Published April 15, 2015; 1:30 p.m.

This year’s annual elections were historic for one city. Tuesday’s polls marked the first elections since the unrest in Ferguson began in August of last year. […]


Poet laureate Castro speaks at LU

April 15, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Devin King | Staff Reporter
Published April 15, 2015; 1:15 p.m.

Published poet and retired LU professor Michael Castro spoke about his career and poetry Thursday April 9 as part of the Speaker Series. […]


Board appoints Lindenwood president

April 9, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Emily Adair | Editor-in-Chief
Published April 9, 2015; 4:20 p.m.

The president of Emporia State University will be Lindenwood University’s next president.
Michael Shonrock will begin his administration at Lindenwood University when current current President James Evans retires June 1, 2015. […]


Lindenwood’s own red carpet

April 7, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Morgan Albertson | Staff Reporter Published April 7, 2015; 1:20 p.m. The 2015 Lindy Awards ceremony was the biggest and best yet. The Lindys are the School of Communications and the Graphic Design awards for […]