LU students to apply for recycling grant

October 13, 2014 Lindenlink Staff 0

Viki Muench | Staff Reporter
Lindenwood’s student body has been working on improving the university’s methods and ways to help the environment by better recycling methods and making the campus more green.

The latest development was the goal to establish a recycling grant to raise money to support this case. […]


Colleges unite for ‘green’ movement

April 8, 2014 Lindenlink Staff 0

Katie Brosamer-Senger | Staff Reporter
Posted April 8, 2014; 1:45 p.m.
President James Evans for Lindenwood University said that while there are no immediate plans to create a sustainability center on campus, they are working with the LSGA and LU Sustainability Alliance to reduce the campus’ carbon foot print.

“We are working with both the LSGA and the LU Sustainability Alliance to review our present recycling program, with an eye towards expanding it somewhat,” said President Evans.