Lindenwood Student Government to vote on four bills


Applications to be a Lindenwood Student Government senator are now open on InvolveU.


Lindenwood Student Government will be voting on four bills, and has invited students to reach out to senators to voice their opinions.

The four bills include a recycling bill, a bill on Bird Scooters coming to campus, a bill proposing Evans Commons to provide to-go food containers, and a bill about “shining a light on Title IX issues on campus.”

Jack Bedtke, vice president of student relations and involvement, is behind the recycling bill, which he said “is intended to provide the campus with more eco-friendly recycling options by collaborating with Always Green [Recycling Center] and Pedestal [Food Services].”

The bill said that students have minimal recycling options on campus, and its aim is to “decrease the carbon footprint of Lindenwood University.”

Vice President of Community Outreach, Daniel Kennebeck, is behind the bill for the scooter service Bird Scooters coming to campus.

The bill “is intended to provide students with another way of transportation on campus by working with Bird Scooters,” according to the document.

Each ride begins at $1, and then charges 15 cents per minute.

Kennebeck wrote in the bill that it’s “been reported that students, specifically international students, don’t have an efficient way around campus,” and that having the scooters on campus will allow students to get around campus easier, eliminate parking concerns and “reduce the need for parking.”

The next bill to be voted on concerns the dining hall in Evans Commons and a want for to-go containers for athletes and other students.

Bedtke is also behind this bill, and its intent is “to provide athletes and other students the ability to consume Evans Dining on-the-go rather than having to sit down for a meal.”

In the bill, Bedtke said that athletes often miss meal times due to games and practices and that having to-go containers could “eliminate the hassle of rushing to make meal times.”

Lindenwood’s Title IX office is the focus of the fourth bill being voted on, and is also backed by Bedtke.

Its intent is “to shine a light on Title IX issues on campus,” by making a more “student-friendly” process for making a report, being informed on report outcomes and “creating a more user-friendly website for students.”

The bill’s research stated the sexual misconduct policy and the Title IX website were not “user-friendly” and that by collaborating with COASA and Kelly Moyich, students will “feel more confident in reporting because they understand the process.”

Students have until March 1 to reach out, and can view all of the proposed bills by clicking on the links in the second paragraph.

Here is the full list of Student Government senators: