COASA hosts women empowerment event

September 28, 2018 Tyler Keohane 0

TYLER KEOHANE | Reporter The Campus Organization Against Sexual Assault hosted the Women Empowering Women event in the Hyland VIP Room on Wednesday. COASA president Haley Holman led the event to about 20 women participants […]


Lindenwood Then and Now: Men first shook up campus 50 years ago

September 18, 2018 Matt Hampton 0

When students came back to Lindenwood in the fall of 1968, a group of men called the “Fabulous 15” had been admitted.  This decision outraged some women, who protested and burned a straw effigy outside of Ayres Hall, the only men’s dorm.  Huffman said the effigy either represented President Brown or the male students. […]