Opinion: Electoral College must go

November 18, 2016 J.T. Buchheit 0

This election has once again proven that the Electoral College is a massively flawed concept. It has been around since 1787, and while it served an important purpose back then, it has far overstayed its welcome and has no reason to continue existing in its current form. […]


Opinion: Democratic Socialism is not quite as intimidating as Americans think

September 16, 2015 Tyler Tousley 0

Daniel Rottlaender | Reporter
From Print [September 8, 2015] | Legacy

At the moment Bernie Sanders is in leading the 2016 democratic nomination for president, according to CNN. Since he entered the democratic primary race on April 29, he has been closing the gap between himself and democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. According to a recent poll conducted by NBC News, Sanders has passed the former First Lady and Secretary of State by nine points in New Hampshire.


Florida not alone in expansive self-defense

July 16, 2013 Emily Adair 0

Emily Adair | Lindenlink staff Neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder charges on Saturday, July 13, in the killing of Trayvon Martin on the basis of self-defense. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” […]