Vice President of Student Development Retiring

Cayla Brown | News Editor
Posted May 8, 2014; 1:35 p.m.

Thirteen years ago, he retired for the first time after 30 years as a superintendent. The day was Friday. The following Monday, he began working as CEO for Cooperating School Districts. After six years at CSD, John Oldani retired on a Friday and  accepted the position of Vice President of Student Development at Lindenwood University the following Monday.

Holding this position for seven years, Oldani feels “it is time to let the younger generation take the reigns.” As an individual who has worked all his life, Oldani knows that full retirement will be a big adjustment but he believes himself ready.

“I have had a positive seven years and it has been fantastic seeing this university grow. I have loved working with students and being around them is great. There is never a dull minute in Student Development.”

In retirement, Oldani hopes to have more time with his five grandchildren as well as travel with his already retired wife. He was told by a former colleague that every day of retirement is a Saturday and Oldani showed excitement.

“[Being Vice President of Student Development] was invigorating and I loved working with students, but it is time to let the younger generation take over. This was my ideal job and I will miss the students, faculty and staff.”

Oldani believes Lindenwood will continue to grow and continue in its mission. He said, “The world is waiting and needs good leaders in the local area, state, country, and world. [Lindenwood students] are the future and I think we are in pretty good hands.”

Oldani’s last day will be May 30, 2014.  The current Assistant Vice President of Student Development Ryan Guffey will be assuming the duties of Vice President on June 1st, 2014.